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    OXNARD, Calif. (AP) -- Terrell Owens was finally back on the field Wednesday.

    No more bike helmets or shorts, either -- he was in pads, practicing with his Cowboys teammates. As has been his custom throughout camp, Owens, who missed 14 straight practices because of a hamstring problem, was the last player on the field.

    He did ride the stationary bicycle on the sideline, where he's spent the last two weeks, but this time just for a quick warmup before the only practice of the day -- his first since Aug. 2.

    The stage could now be set for Owens to play his first game for the Cowboys in their next exhibition game, a nationally televised game against the New Orleans Saints on Monday night.

    During his daily briefing with reporters earlier Wednesday, Bill Parcells said he didn't know when Owens would practice. But the coach wouldn't say if Owens would play against the Saints even if he returned to the field.

    "That doesn't mean he would play," Parcells said. "He has missed a lot of time. It wouldn't be so much whether he practiced or not, as to how he looked, how much he practiced and did he get enough practice to make a good judgment about playing him."

    Based on how Owens was running around the previous two days, he should be OK.

    While the Cowboys went through two practices Tuesday, Owens did rehabilitation work. He rode the stationary bike before doing stretching and running exercises. He ran routes, making hard cuts without any apparent discomfort, and did some 100-yard sprints at full speed.

    Owens didn't talk to reporters after either session Tuesday, but indicated Monday after a similar workout that it was "definitely an improvement from last week. ... It's all encouraging signs." He missed the preseason opener at Seattle last weekend.

    Last week Owens wore the Discovery Channel pro cycling team's silver and blue uniform to poke fun at all the time he's spending on the stationary bicycle.

    Owens first felt a twinge in his hamstring Aug. 2, but an MRI taken three days later was clear. Owens flew in several doctors and trainers, plus a hyperbaric chamber, because he still didn't feel right.

    Parcells reiterated Wednesday that Owens needed to get back on the field, but said perceptions that he was angry at the receiver were wrong.

    "Can you get a little frustrated from time to time? Yeah," Parcells said. "But that's all. We'll see. Things will work out. ... I don't want to jeopardize the early part of the season by making a mistake here. I really don't."

    Finally, I got him on 1 of my fantasy teams.

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    Coach Parcells was getting agree because he wasn't practicing he even said the players who don't practive then won't play. I think that stuck in is head and he said to himself, even though I feel pain I must play in the practices because I want to play during the regular seasons. It's good to him back, and I am hopeful he'll play against the Saints.
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    finally the moron decided to practice, hopefully he causes more problems
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    I know that Owens is skilled at what he does, but his distraction to the team, to the coach, and to the NFL overwhelms any possible benefit he might bring to the world of sport. I know that Coach Bill Parcells is under an enormous amount of pressure to win and I do know that such players as Owens may in fact help in that regard (although that is yet to be proven), but despite that I would cancel Owens contract immediately if I was the Coach. If said contract could not be terminated, or doing so required an enormous financial burden, I would move Owens to injured reserve or simply not roster him for the benefit of the fans and the sport.

    My only sincere wish is that as a football fan that I migh have the opportunity to spit at such sports players, as I honestly believe they make the sport less that what it should be and they do so to foster only their ego.
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    I know how you feel. I hate these "one-man-team" type players who seem to think that everything is about them. The team suffers, the player-to-player chemistry thins and the fans don't usually take very well to it.
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    Apparently Parcells statement had some effect on TO and/or his agent.
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    It would on me, Parcells is a frightening man. Then again, perhaps he just found the right sharp object to pop that massive tumor growing from TO's neck.

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