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Hey everyone, I though I would start up a bit of discussion about the t-mobile ad at Liverpool street station - the one where they flash mob and dance - was really clever, funny and orginal. This weekend however, I was pointed towards this video on you tube - YouTube - Dolly Rockers - Je Suis Une Dolly from the Dolly Rockers Manager. Go to 1 minute 24 to see how yet again the big boys are doing as they please! Whilst they might not be my first choice musically, I think this group deserves some recognition as they CLEARLY did it first! (this video for out in September - way before the t-mobile ad!) Is there is no hope for small artists with orginal concepts in this world?!


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We already have an ongoing discussion about the T-mobile advert here:

As for small artists getting recognised, the problem is advertising and exposure requires a lot of money. Between a company with a big budget to spend for it, small artists cannot really compete. Sure they have youtube these days but it's not enough. I won't be surprised though if a similar stunt has been done already, even before Dolly Rockers, but we just barely remember having seen it on the telly.