Sultan of Swat
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I like it, the background is really nice, and I like the font as well, it's a very old picture because he's still in a Magic uniform. But great job my friend, and keep up the great work.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n

cANDc appreciated :/px
U made that for someone on another site didn't u or is that name for something else that's under the player's name?

Hey...I see that you have gotten hooked on those outlines haven't u? Well they look nice in this siggie mixing in the with Crystalized looking bg. I like the font aswell but...I would have choosen a different one to display Tmacballer41 >>; The thing though that makes this sig seem outta place from perfect is the pic*dun dun dun* It's too bright in some places and makes my eyes hurt kinda when I look at it, besides that it's fine^^. But anyway awesome work Tan, I like it, though it's sports related T_T But hey it's ur work and I am a big fan of ur work like two other ppl on here lol