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System uptime, everybody?


Registered Member
How long has everybody's computer been up and running (aka: uptime)?

For Windows users:

Start menu ---> Run ---> *type* cmd ---> *type* systeminfo ---> *Enter* ---> scroll back up to the line that says "System Up Time" and post data here.

Linux and Mac users:

open a console and type "uptime" post output here.

[email protected]:~$
13:08:00 up 9 days, 23:41, 2 users, load average: 0.15, 0.15, 0.13


Well-Known Member
I restarted this morning (I added a 1gb readyboost flashdrive) But there's really no way for me to know how long my computer was on before that.

My computer runs literally 24/7 non stop and has been for 5 years, I think I've had a total of one week of downtime combined.


aka ginger warlock
I don't tend to leave my pc on for that length. On the weekend my pc will usually be on from the time I wake up (about 8am) to whatever time I go to bed and I occasionally leave it on over night if I am downloading something big.


yellow 4!
mine doesn't say anything about uptime but it does have a 'system boot time' which reads 22nd of June so I'm assuming that's it? I usually only restart it whenever those stoopid updates need to be installed or things get a big laggy... which is rare.


rainbow 11!
Mine is like the Bexinator's. It says boot time, which was at 6/16/11 at a quarter to four in the morning.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Hmmm that's kinda fun, never seen this before.

My work computer sits at 9 days, 20 hours, 9 minutes and 20 seconds


Well-Known Member
Mine is like the Bexinator's. It says boot time, which was at 6/16/11 at a quarter to four in the morning.

I probably should have mentioned this as well, I looked it up and it wasn't there either.


Registered Member
Clocking in at a paltry 6 and a half hours. I've been known to leave my machine on for weeks at a time though. That all changed when I started paying my own electricity bills ;)