System down; Saturday September 16, 2006

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Today's card of the day is more of a side deck choice rather than a main deck card.

System Down
Normal Spell
Pay 1000 Life Points. Remove from play all Machine-Type monsters on your opponent's side of the field and in their Graveyard.
Now you may be wondering why I chose this card. With Cyber Dragon still being abused and Jinzo starting to regain some of his popularity and a lot of decks still running 1 or 2 Dekoichi machines are becoming more common in decks than they ever have been before. Just with the 3 monsters mentioned that could be up to 7 cards in a deck. Add in that some decks that run Cyber Dragon also run Cyber Phoenix whose effect cannot stop System Down and because he is played face up is a better target for System Down than Dekoichi is. Also its worth mentioning that Roid decks are becoming increasingly playable as they get more and better monsters. Best case scenario this is a Raigeki for 1000 life points. Sadly it cannot remove face down machines, but that's why cards like Swords of Revealing Light and Ceasefire are still useful. There are ways around the cost such as Spell Economics, Spell Absorption or best of all Soul Absorption. The reason why I suggest Soul Absorption the most is because instead of just destroying your opponent's machine monsters, it removes every face up machine from their field and every machine in their grave from play. This is useful for a machine deck preparing to summon Chimeratech Overdragon with Overload Fusion but they aren't able to get the Overload Fusion they need to Summon Chimeratech Overdragon yet.

Now this card isn't deserving of more than a place in the side deck because not every deck runs machines or not enough of them for System Down to be useful if you choose to main deck it. If they don't have a single machine face up on the field or in the grave you cannot activate System Down. Not that you would want to. Obviously you can't remove any machines from your opponent's grave if there is a Necrovalley on the field or if your opponent has a face up Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer. Realistically though if they are using Necrovalley they aren't running machines and I haven't heard of Kycoo seeing much play along side the recent wave of machines. Also there are still decks running Return From the Different Dimension. Not as common after the banning of Chaos Sorcerer, but they are still out there. A rare few decks might also contain Dimension Fusion. In the case of both Return From the Different Dimension and Dimension Fusion they will probably be paying more than you will to get their monsters back, but they can only have 5 on the field so cards like Ojama Trio or even their own Scapegoat can mess that up for them. And what happens when your opponent activates either Return From the Different Dimension or Dimension Fusion? There is a card called Solemn Judgement that can take care of them both.

Overall this card is best placed in the side deck as I've said from the beginning probably in 2s as 1 will not be enough and 3 may be too many. Should you face a deck you think is running enough machines, then you can main deck System Down and it should at least be a 1 for 1 possibly even allowing you a direct attack afterwards. Granted its not perfect because it won't stop face down machines and it has the slight life point cost. Adding to the drawbacks is the fact the since Invasion of Chaos the Remove from play pile has become a usable resource rather than the permanent banishment it was prior to IoC. With all the pros and cons taken into account it is a card that some may want to side deck and others won't depending on how machine heavy their metagame is at the moment.

In the side deck 3/5

anywhere else 1/5


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This card will be more useful in a side deck once the Gadgets hit and people go Machine happy. Sadly RFTDD will make this card a help to your opponent, but a well timed Decree or Solemn helps. A good side deck card with the rise of Machines in the near future.
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