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Syria in 3 or more languages


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Kalin said Turkey will keep attacking the Syrian Kurdish militia unless they fully withdraw to the east of the Euphrates River.
Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said military operations in Syria "will continue until all terrorist elements have been neutralized, until all threats to our borders, our lands and our citizens are completely over."

So basically "east of the Euphrates River" = "east of planet Earth".
I noticed that each country involved in the coaliton against the Daesh has it's own definition of "terrorist".
For the US, it's anyone that promises to explode US advisors.
For Russia, it's anyone that doesn't support Assad.
For Turkey, it's anyone that claims to be Kurdish.

So maybe the Daesh should set up a venue and sell popcorn while the coalition takes each other out? I hope somebody finds some free time to fight Daesh...


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Turkey does a lot of posturing, as they did not letting us use their airspace pre-Iraq invasion.

The Turks seem to really hate the Kurds. There was a law against broadcasts in the Kurdish tongue. Not sure if that still exists, but I would not be surprised.


Free Spirit
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What they should have said is they will continue until all threats to Erdogan's power are over. Wouldn't be surprised if that coup was a inside job so Erdogan could use it as an excuse to get rid of anyone he thought would be against him.

Dump Turkey and keep the Kurds. Turkey isn't that great of a ally anyway. They lock us out of our base and wouldn't let us have our nukes. Attack the Kurds who are on our side. Buy ISIS oil. They shouldn't be in NATO.

Wish the Kurds had their own country.

Don't look for Turkey to become a member of the EU any time soon.


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One look at the map will tell you where IS recruits and weaponry have been coming from and where stolen Iraqi oil has been going to ...
IS have benefited from a perfect storm. The Turks hate Assad and the Kurds and have turned a blind eye to their rise and atrocities.
(They've also capitalised from Iraqi Sunnis dislike of the oppressive Shia-dominated Baghdad government)
Mind you, the West is at fault too. For we have backed the rebels, seeking to bring Syria into the Western sphere of influence. Which has caused Russia to get involved to keep pro-Russian Assad in power.
What a mess!


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The Russians arm Assad, we arm the rebels, ISIS takes from both and since the end game is not peace, but to sell product, a horrible status quo of death and destruction will continue.


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Tons of really cool input here. I mean, Erdogan probaly won't get happy till the Kurds are an endangered species on the planet. Imo, it's no coincidence that Turkey and the Daesh are both basically Sunnis and you know he wants a Sunni Syria too.
It's a war in a war in a war.
1. Rebels vs Assad.
2. Rebel faction vs rebel faction.
3. Proxy countries vs Daesh and/or whoever.

Only the arms manufacturers aren't targeted but hey, somebody has to make all those weapons... and all those profits.
For anyone enrolling at a uni, the best major is Weapons 101.


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Look at military spending. Look at how the Pentagon routinely loses billions of dollars.

We found billionss of Saddams cash during the war but a lot of it went missing.

"U.S. Defense officials still cannot say what happened to $6.6 billion in cash"