Supreme System Lord
Are you gay?

If so do you want to get it on?

(Sorry Alt, you're just not cutting the mustard!)
If gay means enjoying a bacardi and coke with a fine, silk cut purple cigar once in a while then.. no!

Let's take this to PM, away from prying eyes.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Bee, you're such a player. How many partners have you had in here? Is this how kiwi raised you? Was she your model? :rofl:
Deal's off. After watching Philadelphia last night and combining it with these revelations on your sexual conquests, my arse is a no fly zone.


Everything goes.
'Brokeback Mountain', specifically the tent scene, has been branded in my brain. I'm not heterosexually-challenged but I have no issues getting him nice and drunk for you if you would like.

Just let me know.


Sally Twit
EEB, bring me Johnny Depp and you've got yourself a dea..

I mean er.. No!! Don't take my boyfriend away from me homewrecker!