PC Games Sword of the new world

So I recently started playing Sword of the new world. It has an open beta if anyone is interested in trying it out. I haven't put a lot of time into the game as of yet. What I have seen thus far it is pretty interesting. You get to make 3 characters right off the bat. Which is your family team. You choose your classes and what they wear. When your family logs in you are on a ship heading to the city. You talk to the captain, he sends you on a mission on the ship to retrieve Rum for him, once that is done you go to the city. Once in the city you talk to other NPC's for info. Then your family gets certified and you are off to start missions. The game is visually pretty, as are the characters that you make. It took me a minute to get used to the point and click style.. (I was a War craft addict for awhile so I was used to the wasd controls with the mouse.) Anyway, so far I am liking the game a lot and will playing some more. Anyone else on that has tried it out yet?