Swine Flu In Wales: "We're Ready For It"

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by Chaos, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Chaos

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    Scotland and England have now both had cases of swine flu - and now there are eight suspected cases in Wales. However, First Minister of the Welsh Assembly, Rhodri Morgan, claimed that "Wales is ready for a flu pandemic"; Wales has been stockpiling anti-viral drugs (vesting £59 million in drugs such as Tamiflu, etc) since the avian influenza (Bird Flu) outbreak, and now has enough to treat half the population of Wales, which has been claimed to be "ample to deal with this problem".

    What I'm wondering here is whether or not a smaller country like Wales would have a better chance of surviving a pandemic than a larger country with a much grander population. Also, I want to know whether if England was to be hit badly with Swine Flu, would the Welsh Assembly be willing to share it's stockpile of drugs with England? Or leave 'em to it? :-/

    Thoughts anyone? Do smaller countries and populations have any better chances of surviving a real pandemic? (I'm not talking just Swine Flu, I mean any real world threatening pandemic.)

  2. Nibbles

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    Smaller third world countries tend not to have any proper infrastructure or resources to deal with a pandemic. An outbreak could bring such countries economies to a halt, not good considering the current credit crunch. If we are dealing with countries like Britan then they should be less affected.
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  3. Pugz

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    We should be alright handling the pandemic; but with us being a small country with a large population and a resession you never know.

    I think it's ironic, however, that everyone is telling us not to panic and yet there are swine flu adverts going around.
  4. ysabel

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    If England is hit badly with the flu, I think it wouldn't come to a point whether the Assembly has to decide between sharing or not because you wouldn't have the stockpile of drugs anymore as it would be fully consumed by the Welsh out of panic (you're neighbors after all) :lol:.

    Smaller countries and populations have the advantage of having fewer to worry about protecting from the pandemic. However, not all small countries have the financial means which I think is important in readiness like setting up strategies like providing treatment (prevention or cure) in case of an outbreak.
  5. Chaos

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    "We" meaning Britain, or England? I think there's a significant difference between the two in this case. :cute:
    I don't know....I think maybe we could hide in the hills and move most of the population to the coast; those close to the English border could simply be quarantined. If we closed the borders (and surely the English government would hardly object) then Wales should be safe. Unless, of course, the virus went airbourne enough to drift right across Wales or something equally unlucky and lame. :dunno:
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  6. Pugz

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    Like Bel said, we're neighbours; and as a United Kingdom we'll either get through this together or die trying.

    We're only tiny afterall :/

    I personally have nothing against Wales, i might make the odd joke but my ancestors were Welsh.
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  7. Chaos

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    You don't think that, should England be somewhat overrun it wouldn't be better for the safety of Britain's overall population (not to mention Wales and Scotland etc), the other countries shouldn't close their borders and lockdown as much as possible? This is quite possibly the entire country at stake, is what I mean.

    Also, are we really a "United Kingdom"? I mean, Wales isn't even on the flag. :lol: I'm sure England would be more than happy to take our help though. :rolleyes: :hah:

    What I meant was that, considering Wales has a significantly smaller population, and few docks, airports, etc, we'd have a much better chance of survival, IMO anyway.

    Remember that Wales' population is only around 2.9 million, while London alone has over 7.5 million. :-/
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  8. Pugz

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    Yeah and that's the Torries fault.

    If countries want to start closing borders just to contain the virus it should only be done so in extreme cases-i don't think it's spreading fast enough for that yet.

    Ever seen the film Doomsday?
  9. Chaos

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    Haha, I'd agree with you there. ;)

    You Labour or Lib Dem? :lol:

    Oh hell no, I didn't mean we should do it now, I just meant in the extreme situation where an epidemic took hold. It would have to get a lot worse for that to be needed, lol.

    Nope, why? :D
  10. Pugz

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    Neither, Labor can't hold onto our monies, Lib Dem's gonna fuck up our educational system but if you try to vote BNP you're branded a racist :/

    A huge virus breaks out in Scotland in the film and they cut the entire country off from the rest of the UK; this swine flu thing makes me think of it.

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