Swift & Vegito Sandwich


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Yes it's true. Swift and Vegito are on both ends of the 4,000 post club here at GF.

The members that current have between 4,000 and 4,999 posts in order from least to most are:

Swift, Kaz, Mal, Hime, Echoes & Vegito

Who will be the next to join the 5,000 club?
As you just had to pick that way of putting it, and now I'm stuck with this lovely bit of imagery, here are my comments to everyone else you stuck me with:

Swift: I don't care how much progress it's made, put your pants back on!
Kaz: That doesn't go there!
Himie: what are you doing here?
Echoes: seriously dude, give the man a reach around at least.
Veggie: Stop looking at me like that!