Swedish House Mafia


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I don't normally like house music that much, but Swedish House Mafia was an exception. I loved listening to their music. In fact, I even went to their concert when they were on their last tour. I wonder why they decided to stop?


Sultan of Swat
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I imagine they wanted to concentrate on their own stuff. I was also a big fan of them, especially Alesso. I don’t listen to house music that much anymore, used to be really into it, but I still listen to some of their stuff from time to time.


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I am actually not into house music that much, but somehow I really liked Swedish House Mafia. I really hope they get together again one day; even if it's just for one tour :)
I love Don't You Worry Child, by Swedish House Mafia. It has a beat and a rhythm that I think is awesome and catchy.

I was unaware that the group decided to split up. Have they reunited yet?