Swedish daily: IDF killed Palestinians for Organs

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  1. Boredie

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    Swedish daily: IDF killed Palestinians for organs - Israel News, Ynetnews
    Article published by Aftonbladet reporter claims soldiers snatched Palestinian youths and returned their dismembered bodies a few days later. Foreign Ministry: Shocking example of Israel's demonization.
    The Swedish government didn't condone this, instead they said they will not harm freedom of speech.
    How interesting, that they condoned the slightest insult against anyone else. As an example, they condoned the caricature of Muhammad which brought a great outcry from Muslims, and rightly too! And suddenly they are all huffy about the importance of freedom of speech....

  2. Tucker

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    That's a historically scathing accusation against the IDF. I dearly hope it's all a propagandist fabrication.
  3. ExpectantlyIronic

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    Israel, meet the Streisand effect.

    Edit: Granted, Israel hasn't tried to censor the story, but public condemnation tends to have the same effect. You can just ask the Catholic Church about that.
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  4. Sim

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    It didn't take me wonder Muslim countries were hysteric after the Mohammed caricatures, couldn't tell apart private newspapers and national governments and their responsibilities, and had no idea what freedom of speech means. After all, most of them were and are dictatorships where the concept of freedom is widely unknown.

    It does take me wonder, though, that the Israeli Prime Minister and government is doing the same, since I was under the impressions Israel loves freedom and democracy just as much as Europeans do. But then, far-right extremists like Netanjahu probably don't, which isn't all that surprising after all.

    At any rate, I won't condemn the entire Israeli public and demand an apology from its government, just because some crazy lunatics in the Israeli press wrote outrageous BS stemming from a hysteric persecution-complex, like that the whole of Sweden or even Europe is anti-Semitic and hates Jews. Now Netanjahu should calm the hell down and realize not everybody is after him to get him, just because some weirdo writes paranoid BS in some Swedish low quality yellow press newspaper.
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  5. Boredie

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    I was under the impression it wasn't a low quality yellow press newspaper, for one.
    Secondly Sweden's government was very quick to apologize and condemn the caricature. Why did they bother if they allow freedom of speech? What was so urgent to them?
    Thirdly, printing right out lies in the press should be punishable. So why shouldn't we cry for condemnation of the article? And why won't Sweden's government apologize just like they did for the caricature?

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