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Your thoughts on swearing...

I personally think it is a fucking extremely vital part of language. How about you fucking people?

*not trying to offend anyone* - obviously.


I have no problems with people swearing, yet I don't swear much myself. I think I do, but it turns out most of the swearing I do is in my head. The result of this is that whenever I do actually swear my friends always say "Wow! You never swear" which gets a bit annoying after a while. I think the thing that makes me swear the most is playing video games. Not in a violent way or anything, but just in a "How the fuck do I beat this level?" type way.
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Sally Twit
Each to their own. It doesn't bother me one bit if people swear. I don't like hearing children swearing or adults swearing in front of children, but other than that, go fuck yourself.


still nobody's bitch
I fucking swear like a goddamn sailor. I keep it in check around the little varmint, though. She busted me when she wasn't even 2, I swore at the dog and she repeated it. :paperbag:

Her dad dropped a JC-bomb in front of her and she dropped it on my sister, who made a HUGE deal out of it - "oh my gosh where did you hear that, where on earth would you have heard such a thing, you should never ever say that, that's the worst, who said that to you" yadda yadda yadda :rolleyes: yeah make a huge deal out of it and see how quickly she forgets about it.

But I digress. To each their motherfucking own, as long as it's not in front of children or my mother.


Well-Known Member
I swear all the fucking time. Fuck is possibly the best descriptive word ever. You're a fucking cunt. You're fucking amazing. etc etc.


Registered Member
Oh yeah, I cuss like a sailor too. I say the word Fuck probably more than any other word in the language system, except I know when I can use it and when I should not. I say God damn, Jesus Christ, mother fucker, bastard...all of them. Yes, my granddaughter has heard me say them, but she knows she is not allowed to say it, so, that's how I leave it. About the only 2 words I can't bring myself to say, are p*ssy and c*nt. And neither one is really a "cuss" word, they just make me feel uncomfortable. But every day coming home, you could place a huge bet, and win, that I'm saying "Get your fucking ass in gear" to a slow car in front of me. So fuckity fuckity fuck to all who say we shouldn't cuss.


Registered Member
Why does it matter in front of children or not... Unless, perhaps the context of the curse is of a sexual nature, in which case I can understand that it's not right.

But generally swearing to express extreme momentary displeasure in something, or of a similar nature seems fine with me. Why the fuck not tell it to a kid? They WILL pick it up when adults, so what does it matter? -- In all honesty, learning swearing just like regular language strikes me as a sign of their learning. Although societally bad, to me it would be something I could draw serious positives from.
Not that I'll go teaching my own kids (some day) swear words, because why should I... but if they spouted one to me, or even at me, perhaps from me. I wouldn't give a flying hoopla scumbag pissflap. - And if they said that I'd even be proud. - Aged 3.

I really don't get the taboo around 'bad words' - I mean WTFUCK.


Supreme System Lord
I swear when needs be, all depends on who I'm with. I rarely swear in front of parents and colleagues but I swear all the time around casual friends.

I only object to swearing around young kids.


still nobody's bitch
Because kids can't discern when it's appropriate and when it's completely inappropriate to swear. I wouldn't want my kid dropping an f-bomb in the middle of her karate class, or to her teacher, or sweet bleeding jesus to my mother. I'd die.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I don't like making a habit out of swearing but I do it on occasion. I find it humerous to say fuck in the most random times. It makes me laugh for some reason.
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