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Discuss Swearing


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I swear occasionally, but mostly either to myself or to certain friends. I almost never swear around people I don't know or people that find that language off-putting, like family members. Swearing doesn't bother me at all, but I do try to minimize my usage of it.

I think what bothers me the most is when people swear in public when there are children around. Have some fucking class.


I swear a lot when I play video games. More than any other time. Otherwise it depends who I'm around. Certain friends I will swear a bit around because they do as well and it's just part of our language, but I won't swear in front of my Mum or other relatives.


Creeping On You
I'm not a big believer in this whole 'oh some words are offensive' trend that the world seems to have. I say fuck all the time. Except around kids, but that's moreso so the parents don't yell at me, not because I have any delusions that hearing the f-word will change how the kids were gonna turn out in life.

Fuck is my favourite word really. Sometimes, when you have a lot of things churning in your mind and you're just super frusterated, a good loud FUCK can just knock things into perspective. Or sometimes, a word just doesn't give enough emphasis to a point your making. For example 'Danny Melnyk' has no oomf. However, 'Danny FUCKING Melnyk' has a ton more oompf.

I swear all the time, but I don't call it swearing. I call it talking.


The Rock is cooking atm..
It's funny, despite people thinking I don't swear as often, at work I do tend to swear at times, but not all the time. When people do swear too much, it becomes a bit too much.


What I am interested in is multiple things,
do you swear and how often?

YES alot especially when I'm angry or happy and I do use the "F" word alot but then I do work in retail and that is very frustrating especially the customers.

When is it appropriate to swear and when is it not?
It's never really appropriate to swear
around kids or ladies.

Do you even consider curse words to be offensive?
Yes I do


Embrace the Suck
This is very much how I am. I think that generally swearing is not ok and I think some people sound ridiculous when every other word out of their mouth is a curse word. Only when I have been really pushed over the edge will I swear and it will always be in frustration (usually while I'm doing something with politics :lol:). I think that swearing from people that rarely swear has a really strong effect and really emphasizes what they're saying.

I don't swear to be offensive or to be funny, I only swear when it's appropriate in furthering a point (that's rare in and of itself).
I met a friend of mine at a Barnes and Noble to drink some coffee and talk and listen to her vent about her family problems and stuff like that, and she was throwing out some F-bombs and a couple of other words, which I can kind of understand given she was venting about her husband, but there was a lady at the next table who was studying and she had her daughter there with her as well, and I caught that lady look over at us a couple of times. I finally had to tell her to cut out the swear words because it was embarrassing me and I thought it was inappropriate, especially given the young girl sitting at the next table.

I understand to some extent swearing when you're venting, I'm guilty of doing it, but doing it in public and private are two different things.


Registered Member
I understand to some extent swearing when you're venting, I'm guilty of doing it, but doing it in public and private are two different things.
I do agree with this. I have a friend who not only swears in public, but also has a naturally very loud voice. Not the best combination. It does get awkward if there are children around and she is dropping the f-word every few seconds, and I can see parents getting obviously annoyed. I often have to tell her to stop, but I think she is completely oblivious to the fact she is doing it.


Registered Member
Yeah, I swear quite a bit. It's become part of my vocabulary to throw in unnecessary swear words in to almost any sentence. I don't even realize I'm doing it most of the time but it just rolls of the tongue.

However, I wouldn't change it, I'm comfortable with it. They are just words and if people get offended by it then I'm afraid it's their problem.

Some friends I hang about with will sometimes pull me up on it by saying "There's kids about, Dan" stuff like that......Firstly, don't bring your kids to a bar and secondly, I aren't the only guy talking like this, they'll hear it almost every single day from somebody else anyway.

Yeah, I don't see anything wrong with it at all. The only time it does make me cringe is when you see people shouting and swearing at each other in the street or swearing at their kids or pets in public. That's retarded.


New Member
I am not going to lie, I swear when I am frustrated and from time to time swear words filter into my conversation such as: "oh for fuck sake", "have you seen that shit", "that guy lost his shit" and the beloved "the dogs bollocks" which I think is an british thing.

Looking at these phrases on paper they are down right idiotic, someone does not look at shit, no-one in their life time has ever lost their excrement and if they did I am quite sure they would not announce it to the world. The reason I bring this up is that a guy next door to me does not seem capable of completing a sentence without a swear word in it, I often hear him shouting at his dog "what the fuck have you done?! what the fuck is this shit!", now aside from the fact I often think "er dude, it's a dog, it's not about to turn around and give you the answer you want" I have also heard him say "this is the forth time" which he does on a regular basis, by my account he has said it eight times so aside from anything else the fellow does not appear to be able to count.

What I am interested in is multiple things, do you swear and how often? When is it appropriate to swear and when is it not? Do you even consider curse words to be offensive? Does the argument "words are words and don't hurt people" really stand up is it that said by people who are not intelligent enough to form a real sentence and cannot construct what they really want to say?

I remember when I came home one day wearing this on a hoodie my mother was very upset and due to that I did not wear it in her presence because I did not want to offend her, she is my mother and I feel I should respect her:

I have been known to swear on occasion.:rolleyes:


I swear all the time. It doesn't matter where I am or who I am with. They just seem to fly from my lips at an alarming rate. Haha. I don't think there's a place it's not okay to swear. If it bothers people... meh, fuck 'em.
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