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Swearing. Not.


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Question from a semi-newbie.
Over at the Admin Zone, when I asked about the busiest forums out there, someone pointed me here. Yay!:lol:

Someone else pointed to a HUGE (is it the biggest?) forum. Yay?

It is massive, with lots of posts all the time. Two things - one you have to pay to get part of it, and two, even in the free part, even in the discussion of big issues (the economy, etc.), every other person has to swear and use f-bombs.

Ya know, I'm 52, but I think even back in my 20s, that's not where I'd hang out. I've been known to swear, and am not a prude, but it just... colors the discussions.

I note a LOT less of that here among you nice people. (I know, there's a swear filter, I have it turned on)

So... I guess I just was curious, is that one reason (of many) you pleasant folks hang out here - not goody two-shoes, but just less nasty? (Well, most of you;) - and second, there isn't really a place out there, a huge forum WITHOUT that much foul language... is there?

Color me a naive ol' dinosaur;):sigh:


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
So... I guess I just was curious, is that one reason (of many) you pleasant folks hang out here - not goody two-shoes, but just less nasty?
I don't hang out here because there's not much swearing. I love some of the people here. The closest ones to me in this site swear big time. :lol: I do have swear words filtered although I use them from time to time.


I'm assuming the huge site you were pointed towards was Something Awful. My friend who used to post there said that there are alot of people that revel in the anonymity of the internet by just acting stupid.

As for cursing, I curse a decent amount. I know that some people disapprove though, and I try to scale back for their sake. However, my overall opinion is that they are just words and there should be no reason they are deemed inappropriate, especially since they have synonyms that are acceptable. It just seems odd to me.


I was looking for a general type forum online 'cuz the old forum I went to died out. I Googled "general forum", this popped up and I signed-up. So, I never really ventured out to explore for another forum since this place is great. I guess my answer is... ugh... no?!


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Staff member
I've been to forums where every thread turns into what we would consider to be "Sub-Talk material" here. I think most members here agree that it's quality over quantity. I'd rather get 5 quality replies to a thread I make than 50 "lulz", "fail" or "wtf" replies with 4chan images in every post. When somebody asks a serious question it's just annoying to have the thread ruined by pointless "zOMG" replies. That's why we have a place for everything while not allowing everything everywhere if that makes sense.

That's how a lot of bigger forums are and I think we're aiming to be a class above the spammy nature of most of the internet (not counting Sub-Talk). We do allow swearing and even let "sailors" do their worst but for the most part people tend to be mature about it. Those who don't like to see swears can always turn them off and the problem is solved. :)


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Yes, I think we all know that the "biggest party in the neighborhood" isn't always the BEST. I've felt welcomed here (by most, except some Siths;) - and understand why y'all are partial;)


Registered Member
My opinion of swearing is similar to vincents. I don't really see how words can be so bad, and how can swearing in general be considerered offensive. For instance if I were to say,"Ah my f---ing leg aches like mad!" some people would be like, "Reported for offensive language!" HOW is it offensive to THEM. Sure you say the world it's not like your saying, "Ah f--- you my leg hurts like mad!".

Also, I dislike forums that are so small that it takes like 3 bloody days to get a response to a thread. However, nor do I like forums so HUGE that you spend 3 years there and by the end nobody even knows your name. Forums like this one are great, you get realised, it's a nice community and it's not full of SPAM (Heh ask me if you don't know what I mean by SPAM).


Registered Member
It is what it is, I frequent another forum that is fairly large in size and this place is a day care compared to it, and there are some others that are way worse like the one board and trolls.net.

And words are just words I personally like the F word for its many different uses it can be good and bad I personally try to do as much on the good end as possible if you know what I mean.:D


Registered Member
For some reason, the F-word bothers me more in print than in occasional use face to face, we all have our weaknesses;) I've been married 25 years and we try to avoid movies with excessive swearing, it embarrasses me when I'm with her. But hey, I'm Barney the dinosaur (not;) - thanks for weighing in, folks.


I kind of had the same experience as you Barney. I came here from NG, where every thread ended in flaming the OP. Everyone at NG was a jerk, but the people her are accepting...well...they accept you if you aren't a total moron. I guess this play is just the perfect combiantion of tough love, modding, and smart, funny people.

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