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Swapping the Smileys


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Is there a way we can change up the smileys, 3 years of looking at the same ones is starting to drive me one French fry short of a happy meal WACKO!!!! :wacko:

Can we get a change Please?

These little yellow buggers have to go..I'm getting tired of having to click on them to get to the good ones..

So what do you say Mr Wizard ?...can you change these up?...Please.
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Secret Agent
Staff member
Hmm. Maybe. I always liked keeping the smaller ones as the defaults just because they fit better. Maybe I can look into letting people pick which set they want to use as their default set.



WOW, I'm surprise somebody suggest this. I find that there are too many smilies, and a great variety.
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