Survival of the Strongest


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How do you think that phrase comes across in our life in these days?


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"Survival of the strongest" will always be apparent in society, which is one of the exact reasons communism would never be effective. There is always someone of a stronger disposition, whether that be physically, politically, or mentally, they will always be considered higher in the "food chain" of humanity.


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It'll always be here and probably always be true since the definition of "strong" varies over the years.


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I personally don't think that survival of the strongest is just physical strength, there's also mental strength.

Survival of the strongest, to me, means that those who hold the physical power will have a certain amount of control and those who have the mental strength will also have a certain amount of control.


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Mental power seems to be more effective nowadays. You can be the strongest man in the world but if you're not intelligent enough, you'll end up working as a landscaper or carpenter. In the United States we have a government controlling us, not an army