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Surprising Results of IEAA Test


True Blue Australian
All right, straight to the point.
The IEAA (Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia) have recently done some tests and surveys on people who play videogames and have come up with some surprising results.
Before, videogames were seen a evil purveyors of mindless violence and porno; and were thought responsible for brain dead, drugged up, zombie teenage timebombs.
But now, videogaming, in the right circumstances, can acually be a healthy activity.
Here are some of the results:
The average age of videogamers in Australia is , (drum roll) 28, but the IEAA expects this number to rise to over 42(!) in the next 7 years.
People who play videogames are 6% more likly to play sports than those who don't.
In addition, the study showed that videogames do not compete with outdoor leisure activities, but instead compete with TV, movies and music.
But wait, there's more, parents seem to be coming round to this new gaming lark. apparently up to 77% of parents play videogames with their kids, and get this: 73% of parents belive games teach kids about technology, 68% belive games teach kids about maths(?)(hey, i'm living proof) and 62% belive games teach kids to plan ahead.
I like them results.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Well, any way you slice it, people who MAKE videogames are going to be way smarter on average than people who play them. If that study truly wanted to push kids to become smarter, they would encourage more kids to learn how to make games instead of just sitting in front of the TV playing them.

Nonetheless playing games is fun too. I'm just making an observation. :)


Registered Member
I do believe that video games can improve one learning ability and thought processes. Everyone probably hear that it can improve ones hand eye coordination. I also heard that females in their 20's are getting more into video games with the help of Sims. I think video games are a good thing with restrictions and controls with parents.