Surprising NBA Facts


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1. Jerry Stackhouse averaged 29.8 PPG in the 2000-2001 season. It's hard to believe that this 6th man/role player was scoring nearly 30 points per game one year, lol. I mean he's a good player and all, but the 30 PPG plateau is only reached by the games truly elite scorers. I know he was a great scorer but he's not even near that number anymore it's just surprising.

2. In the 2004-2005 season, Danny Fortson shot 88% from the line, and was #1 in free throws per 48 minutes. This is astounding to realize that a bruiser, rebounder, enforcer type guy who never made a shot outside of 3 feet the entire year (and never dunked the whole season, to my knowledge) shot 88% from the free throw stripe. That is like Steve Nash level free throw shooting. To add to that, he was #1 in free throws per 48 minutes - and yes he did play about 17 minutes a game so that's enough court time to give some merit to the statistic.

3. Wilt Chamberlain never fouled out in a single game his entire career. That's 14 seasons 1045 games of not fouling out while logging 45 mpg.

4. Jason Collins made 10 freethrow shots @ Orlando 01/08/05

List more then one at a time please if you have any in mind


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Shaq despite being 7'1" and anywhere from 320-360 pounds has never won a rebounding title.

Eddy Curry once led the league in FG% in '02-03.

Tom Chambers won the All-Star game MVP in 1987


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Tim Duncan has a tattoo of Merlin the Magician on his back.

Ray Allen's real name is Walter Ray Allen.

As a child, Shaq fell from a tree while imitating Spider-Man and fractured both of his wrists.

Jason Williams started alongside Randy Moss on his high school basketball team.

Bonzi Wells real first name is Gawen.

Drew Gooden's mother is Finnish.

Mike Bibby and Eddie House are brothers-in-law.

Rasheed Wallace had his championship ring altered so it would fit his middle finger.

Tayshaun Prince was born in Compton.