Surprised to not see the Jena six



I opened a thread on another site about the Jena six and there is a novel in writing already... I'm surprised no one has brought it up here.

My question is not right or wrong but whether or not the black folks of Jena are better or worse because of the rucus?

One can argue about the injustice or change of justice based on the marches but the question remains... after the dust settles did the black kid who insisted sitting under the tree make things better or worse for the folks of Jena?


I think that it's going to take us a while before we see what the actual effects of all the media publicity and marches/demonstrations have had on Jena, if any at all. Many of the people who came there for the marches and demonstrations will leave and it'll be the blacks who live in Jena who will have to live with and deal with the repurcussions of all this.

It would be interesting to return to the town in a year and see what has happened.


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It wasn't a black kid sitting under a tree. It wasn't even a noose hung on the tree. It was a belief that bodily injury against a random person is justified. Support for the Jena Six is support for civil rights turned into support for criminal license. Justifyig the beating this boy took by pointing to a rope hanged on a tree is justifying human sacrifice for hurt feelings.


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Yeah, most of the publicity for the Jena is on Facebook, Myspace, or CNN.....most americans are smart to know these kids actions was wrong. The boy was almost beaten to death, and besides that 6 on 1......for real, thats ghetto. He wasn't the one who hung that noose off that tree, no reason to take any aggression on him just because he was white.