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Surgeon Removed his own Appendix


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English Russia Leonid Rogozov ? a hero-surgeon

Wow. Surgery on yourself is pretty crazy, but I know from personal experience how painfully debilitating appendicitis is. It hurt too much for me to do much of anything but curl up in a ball on the bathroom floor.


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Wow is right!
I couldn't imagine performing surgery on mself, even if I were a qualified Surgeon... The thought of opening myself up even before I began would surely make me sick or pass out!:laugh:

However, very impressive to say the very least.


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Amazing! He knew, of course, that he would die if he didn't do it, but it's still amazing.


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I can believe that. If you've been to a dentist to have an extraction, filling or root canal, you understand the effects of Novocaine, and how it is possible for one to remove his or her own appendix, with minimal discomfort. Of course, if he had left the appendix inside him, he would've most certainly died a very, very painful death.


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That has to be one of the most difficult situations I've ever heard of as far as medical things are concerned. Performing surgery on yourself would be terrible, at least he was a doctor so he knew what he was doing, I'd be really scared if I was one of the other guys.

In the pictures it doesn't appear that he's wearing any gloves. Weird.


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In the pictures it doesn't appear that he's wearing any gloves. Weird.
It doesn't seem that weird, if you read this: "Either watching in the mirror or by touch he removed an inflamed appendix and injected antibiotic in the abdominal cavity." It would be really difficult to feel the organs inside while wearing gloves. It was very specific situation, he had very limited perspective.


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Wow, that's amazing!

My appendix ruptured last November and I had to have it removed. After receiving the bill, I vowed that my husband (not a doctor) will perform my next surgery. haha! ;)


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jesus! That must have taken some guts (excuse the pun).

'If you want a job doing properly, do it yourself' to the extreme :lol:


Yeah, I had already heard about this story.
I was shocked when I first read about it.