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Sultan of Swat
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Anyone ever try it?

I'm probably going to try it for the first time this summer. One of my good friends is really good at it, and I told him that I wanted to go somewhere this summer where I can try it. So right now we're just looking at possible destinations. He's going to find somewhere the waves aren't that big so I don't break my neck though. I'm a bit scared cause I heard it can be dangerous at times especially if you catch a big wave, but on the other hand I'm really pumped for it.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I've never tried it. It looks like it would be fun, but also very difficult. I would try it if the opportunity ever came up, but it's not really something I have to do. I'm much more interested in skiing or snowboarding. I'm not really an ocean person.


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I've never tried it, but it looks fun and I have a lot of surfer friends back home, so I used to watch them from time to time. If I wasn't so scared of the ocean, I would try it. Let us know how it goes when you do try it out Biz.


Embrace the Suck
It's a lot of fun but difficult to get the hang of. I used to surf very often in high school and college. The waves down here aren't too big so it's easier to get the hang of riding smaller waves down here.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Is this inspired by Danno? :)

I haven't tried surfing mostly because I still feel I can't swim so I never dared swim in the ocean with water above my neck and I doubt if I can catch waves big enough near the shore. :lol: My ex-bf loves surfing and windsurfing. I just watch him do it and have fun with it. He surfs in CA and in the southern islands in the Philippines. For you, I found areas in Canada: List of surfing areas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Or you can do a Danno and plan a vaca in Hawaii and learn to surf there!


I've tried a few times, never managed to get into standing position on a board without falling off, still heaps of fun though.