Surfing - Physical and mental rewards


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This is written for those of you who are thinking about starting with surfing. Some things to consider: How are the surfing conditions around you? Any good swell nearby? If so, I heavilly recommend taking up surfing. It's a brilliant sport were you achieve both physical and mental rewards.

First of all, the physical part, surfing is a great way of training your upper body power, as the paddling motions trains your trapezius (upper back), biceps, triceps, brachioradialis, rotator cuff muscles (supraspinaturs, infraspinaturs, teres minor and subscapularis), abdominals and back muscles (erector spinae, QL etc) It's a great overall workout, and you'll feel physically exhausted after a good surf session (in a good way). And if you surf actively, after a while you'll achieve that surfer body the ladies crave for. ;p

Secondly, the mental part, there's no better feeling than being one with the sea. Dancing one-on-one with a massive wave leaves you with a great sense of achievement and a severe case of euphoria. In the beginning however, you might want to settle with smaller waves, but as you gradually train and become better, you'll experience that sense of achievement, and who knows, you might be just as hooked on this great sport as me.

Good luck with your surfing career!


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I like the wait after you paddle out and are waiting for your wave. it is a great time to just sit and reflect and be calm.

One thing that all new or novice surfers need to remember is to remove all jewelry when in the water. The flashes and sparkles made by the jewelry can attract sharks. They can mimic the flash from fish scales, and never dangle your feet when waiting for a wave.

And above all don't be afraid to fall or get rolled by a wave it will happen and it happens to the best of us. Just be calm and roll with the wave and you will pop up like a cork.

Catch ya on the waves.