Surface vs. touchscreen

Which one do you think is going to be next?

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That's annoying. I just spent A LONG time typing out this thread, and then I accidentally "exed" out of the window. I'm VERY frustrated. Oh! Let me change my mood ... I couldn't find a frustrated, so I did shocked. I kind of stared at the screen in denial for a few seconds when it first happened. Oh well :sigh:

Okay, here goes:

There are two new or not so new technologies out that I want to talk about.

One is the Microsoft Surface Microsoft Surface
and the other is just normal computers with a touchscreen instead of/in addition to a mouse.

I personally feel that the Surface isn't going to become the next home computer for a couple of reasons.
First of all, how is a family supposed to sit back and watch a movie? Everyone's going to have to be bending over in order to see it and some people are going to be watching it upside down. I guess you can argue that people are going to have separate tv's for that, but it's still more practical to be able to just be at your computer and watch things by yourself. And I can't see how you can go to youtube and sit over it and watch video clips, you're not going to be able to straighten your back for the next few weeks. Besides for the fact that watching movies like that isn't as good because of the angle of the screen.

The only way I see this technology moving on is if you have the surface on a table (like as high as your keyboard and mouse are now) and a seperate moniter facing you. Kind of like a Nintendo DS, with the bottom being touchscreen and the top just being a normal screen. I guess that could be a possability.

I like the idea of having a regular touchscreen computer. The way computers are now are perfectly fine, and you'll be able to get rid of the annoying mouse which needs room to move around. It'll also be easier in general to just touch the screen without having to move the mouse there.

What they showed in one of the videos with the camera and phones is nothing new. If you have a wi-fi camera and computer you can do that. It might not look as cool, but that's all they're doing. And seriously, when are you ever going to want to move around pictures like that? It's much easier to do it the normal way with computers.

I don't really see Surfaces coming into the home. I think it's going to be touchscreen computers and then whatever 3d technology comes after that.

If microsoft only made the surface with casinos and restaurants in mind then this whole thing doesn't apply. But I think they also intend on bringing it into the home.

What do you think?
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ok the incredibly vague videos just confused me more

but it seems like microsoft surface = touchscreen anyway, so there's nothing to worry about, right?

at this point microsoft surface seems more like a gimmick (like a way to order food at a restraunt) than an actual home computer


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I don't know I was bored a couple of days ago and somehow I ended up there. So I just checked back there now and this was one of the first videos. Coincidence? I think not!

It's not bad, you should try it out.


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I think that computers with neither of these are going to be around for quite a long time, but out of the 2 of those I think that Surface will be more popular, I've never been a fan of touchscreens (except on Nintendo DS).