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Surf This...


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all and good afternoon. As many of you know I surf on land and on water as well. Well I have had many questions asking me "Surfer where can I get a board? And wow easy is it to learn"? And do you really get a work out on those things?

Well if you can stand on one foot then you can surf...

And have you ever seen a fat surfer? Or a fat longboarder for that matter?

And take a look at these boards I found for sale:

Classic 1950's style

One for the ladies

Big Blue Classic

And this one is a real rare item. And loads of fun..

I will be featureing more boards soon.!!!

Also don't forget so visit Soul Boards, Sector Nine, Dreggs, and MBS Mountian Boards at their home sites for amazeing deals on boards, parts and accessories.!!!

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I like the big blue, and the landsurfer (one that comes with a sail) I deffinetly wanting those 2 !

I need a board soo bad... It would give me something to do at night besides sit on my thumbs.
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You make a great point Surfer! When I was a teen, I used to stand on the pier and watch the boys paddle thru on their boards! Tight little bods everyone of them! I lived in Huntington Beach growing up so there were many days at the beach.


Wanna play?
Well, that is one adventure I have yet to try.......guess I'll have to find an ocean to visit...the waves don't get very high on the lakes! :D
As far as the other..........nope, no hills either.
Guess MI is not so exciting after all!
You guys have shown off all your toys, now show us some of your surfing pics!


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As Angel says Lake Ontario (my backyard) or Lake Erie that I have been too don't produce any waves. Great for sea-dooing and boating but no surfs here... on the other hand in the winter... some pretty nasty ones do show up...


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all. Guess what?.?.?.? You don't need hills to surf. Parking grauges, Underground parking lots, Mall parking lots and you don't need hills thst's a big myth.....Longboards are made to run on flat land...It's just us insane people and speed junkies who Bomb the big hills.. But let me tell you what a RUSH!!!!!!!!

It's hard to take pics at night. Usualy I board alone at night.



Wanna play?
Yup I can just see me trying to learn to ride one of those in a parking garage....*BONK* Actually, snowboarding is what I really-really wanna do....now that would be a rush!!!!!!! But since we only have hills, and no mountains...It will never be the same! :(


Wanna play?
Nightsurfer said:
You know how to snow board? Longboards work well on flat land too..

Hey angel.. Check this board out...If you can snow board you can surf on this one
Night, theres snowboarding.......then there's SNOWBOARDING......I have hills, you have mountains. Theres a part in The Fanatstic 4 where they jump from a helicopter and start flying on their boards and skiis down the slope....that's what I want to do!!!!

Although it might be fun to try landsurfing.......unless I find someone to go out with me in the beginning, it's probably not gonna happen.
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sounds like you really fit in ,, california where all the surfers hang out and in hawaii..........