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Surf Schools


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I have always wondered...do the "surf schools" that I always see advertisments for actually help you learn to surf quickly? If so, I'd like to give it a shot, since I haven't had much luck on my own yet.


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Hi ya..

I find that some surf schools can help.

I also used an "Indo Boards" to work on my balance. I also use a sector 9 luke nosewalker 57inch longboard ( sk8 board )to work on my pop-ups and carving.

Then there is the ultamate board for training, and that is an OSB (on Shore Boards) longboard called the inpala (have a peek at this)

I have this, and it's the next best thing to good old H2o.

You can find some killer deals for longboards, surfboards and even Indo Boards on eBay.
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I have never taken any because I don't live where there is alot of surfing going on. But I do have a friend that has taken lessons at a surf school and he liked it. It helped him to learn the basics and then he just practices and adds to what they taught him.


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Heh, I will definitely have to check out that impala board, since I'm not exactly that close to the water. Great recommendation. :)


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I think a great way to learn to surf is by attending a surf camp. They are like vacations and surf schools rolled up into one fun (though usually expensive) package. The amount of money and the seriousness of the learning depends on where you are and where the school is. For instance, I know of one Hawaiian surf camp for adults that costs $2500 for a week--but that covers rental gear, food, lodging etc. Anyway, it sounds like a fun way for a beginner to start learning.