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Supreme Court upholds student download fine


Free Spirit
Staff member
(CBS/AP) WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court won't reduce the $675,000 verdict against a Boston University student who illegally downloaded 30 songs and shared them on the Internet.

Court won't reduce student's music download fine
I understand this guy did this illegally. However I think this fine is too much and should of been reduced. The Recording Industry Association of America shouldn't of been awarded that much money to begin with. Unless his parents are wealthy it will take most of his life to pay this off. What do you think about this fine?


Well-Known Member
To be fair it is against the law. I'm sure he had many warnings telling him that it's illegal and that he shouldn't be doing that.

I agree that the fine is very extreme, but it's legal for them to charge the guy that much, therefore they did nothing wrong in upholding the fine. They are making a good example out of him. If they hadn't given such an extreme penalty the next guy would be thinking the same thing. Unfortunately in that line of thought somebody has to get screwed. But also keep in mind that he didn't just download these songs, he also shared them.

I'm sure that guy has seen many movies. He could have assumed that this screen applied to all copyrighted works.

I'm glad this happened, the authorities have been much too soft of piracy in recent years. It disgusts me that people think they can take something simply because they want it. This guy should be happy that he wasn't charged $250,000 per song.