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Supreme Court upholds strip-searches for all inmates


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
MOUNT HOLLY — The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday upheld the right of the country's jails and detention centers to strip-search all inmates no matter the seriousness of the charges in a decision that stems from a Bordentown Township man being searched at jails in Burlington and Essex counties.

In a 5-4 vote, the high court found that the safety of the nation's detention centers warrant the searches.
High court sides with Burlington County in strip search case - Local News - Delaware Valley, PA/NJ - msnbc.com for the entire article.

Thoughts on this? It looks like the judges pretty much held to their ideological lines, with the more conservative ones saying that the institution's safety/privacy needs make it ok to strip search all inmates, regardless of their crime, if the institution so chooses.

Especially after reading what the gentleman in the story went through, I have to agree with the minority here. It's a big violation of civil liberties and dignity IMO if someone in jail for a minor offense has to be strip searched in this way.


Free Spirit
Staff member
If they were ruling on strip searching at a air port or someplace like that this ruling would make me mad. In a prison or jail I think its different because people have been known to smuggle things in by hiding it in certain body cavities and people get killed. I think there should be strict protocol on this procedure.

I don't think they should be allowed to do this just because you were charged with a misdemeanor or keep putting you through it just because they feel like it. Maybe there are those in prison that deserve anything they get but there are also innocent people in there. So there needs to be standards for when a strip search is permitted.


Son of Liberty
It's irrelevant how "minor" the offense was that landed someone in jail, what is relevant is that someone IS in jail and thus can smuggle something in for someone else. It's not a violation of civil liberties because many of those liberties were temporarily forefeighted upon conviction. Don't want to be stripped searched? Don't break the law, it's not that difficult.