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PC Games Supreme Commander Demo


New Member
OK. Time for another whinge.
Has anybody else tried the supreme commander demo?
If so, do you think the game is as woeful as i do?

Now, for the hype the game has been given, I was expecting something like an interactive hollywood movie. Ok maybe not that much, but jeez, it was a real disappointment for me.

For starters, the units all look pretty damn similar unless you zoom in to the point that you can't effectively play the game. As has been stated in reviews already, the game seems to be a contest of 'your ants vs my ants'.

Graphics? Pathetic. I understand why they are pathetic though. Masses of units would bring any machine to its knees if the game looked anything like DOW or C&C : ZH.

The map scrolling feels exactly the same as mark of chaos - pathetic. Not anywhere near smooth enough.

The in game sounds are horrible - I needed ear muffs.
I guess the game just feels about 4 years old. Would've been great then, but a game to satisfy the role of 'next big RTS'? Nah.

And, that's about it. I'm very disappointed. Ah well - still got World in Conflict to look forward to.