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Supporting Trends


New Member
Living in a prison is difficult, especially when the prison is designed to keep it's inmates incapable of realizing they are even in a prison at all.

Imagine for a moment that you throw a rock into the distance, but it hits something that you cannot see and falls short. At first, you might try throwing another rock, or walk in that direction to investigate; but even if you actually feel the unseen barrier with your hand, you have no idea if you can even be sure that your senses and thoughts are correct. If it is something, how large is it? How far does it extend? Then, before you can make a decision, someone or something catches your attention and you go back to more important activities.

This type of scenario may seem simple (and unrealistic), but in truth most people live in such a world. The only difference between the example above and the world you understand is that the example lacks many real-world complexities. The invisible "wall" is the influence of trends, ideals, beliefs, and anything else created by human individuals, groups and/or societies. The "rock" is anything that challenges or questions such influences (like critical thinking), and the "someone or something" is the self-defense mechanism to keep people from realizing exactly what's going on. The reason this defense is so effective is because it is generated and reinforced by the same victims it deceives and manipulates.

Products, items, ideas, standards of living, religions, values, and almost every other creation or representation of the human mind, including the human mind and psyche itself do not exist the way they have or currently do because they are "better" or "what people want", they exist because they perpetuate within the human group. It is difficult removing something that an entire populous continuously learns and accepts throughout multiple generations. The same populous creates "new" variants of such concepts in such a way that it "feels" different from the original, yet it is still the same.