Supplemental Draft Results


Monday Night Rollins
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It's going on right now...

Here's what has happened so far...

1) The Great Khali and Ranjin Sing drafted to RAW.

2) Chavo Guererro drafted to Smackdown.

3) Cody Rhodes drafted to Smackdown.

4) Natayla drafted to RAW.

5) Chris Masters drafted to Smackdown.
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Internet Dig Dug
Here's more people who have been drafted.

MVP Drafted to Smackdown
Hart Dynasty Drafted to Raw
Rosa Mendes Drafted to Smackdown
Goldust Drafted to Raw
Ezekiel Jackson Drafted to Raw.

Definately a decent shake up.


Haters gonna hate.
These are the final results:

To SmackDown ...

Cody Rhodes
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Rosa Mendes

To RAW ...

Great Khali & Ranjin Singh
Ezekiel Jackson
David Hart Smith
Tyson Kidd

*** - announced that the JTG to RAW draft was an error. JTG is still on SmackDown. That was odd


Monday Night Rollins
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Okay good, Hart Dynasty stays the same. I wonder why JTG was pulled back haha

MVP and Chavo to SD are both awesome decisions.


Sultan of Swat
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Very happy that Hart Dynasty goes to Raw, I think they are getting better and better and moving to Raw will be huge for them. Glad to see MVP move back to Smackdown since he was getting buried on Raw.

Hopefully Chavo will get a decent push on Smackdown and Goldust on Raw.