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Are you superstitious at all? What superstitions do you respect?


I'm not really superstitious, but I do respect the jinx, and I do knock or touch wood when I'm afraid I might jinx something.


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Yes I am, but not about things like spilling salt or knocking on wood. To me it's more about doing something the same way so the jinx isn't thrown off, or having lucky items.


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Yes I can be, particularly before big matches. I'll think to myself "If I don't pull that curtain all the way shut, I'll lose tomorrow".

Very sad but I'd never forgive myself if I didn't pull that bloody certain and ended up tasting defeat.


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I'm only superstitious as far as 'touch wood' goes, and I think it's more as it was ingrained into me as a kid rather than I am superstitious. Walking under ladders, Friday 13th and all that don't bother me in the slightest.


Son of Liberty
Mine was routines. When I was playing hockey very regularly I had a ritual that I'd do before every game, mostly just about "waking the posts up" to watch my back if I screwed up.

Here at work I'll stop using a peice of paper if I screw up the takeoff. What I'll do is just copy everything I've done and re-do it sans the error. The fear is, if I have to many screw ups on one piece of paper; I wont get the job.


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I always figured the "knock on wood" thing was a figure of speech until I noticed my brother physically find some wood to knock on while he was describing the situation we were trying to avoid. I always thought that to be a little too dramatic...