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Superstars Discussion: 06/02/11


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I'll be tuning in to Superstars (as usual) this week, they've really been putting on some great matches lately.

WWE.com's preview of the episode states that the main event will be the new WWE Tag Team Champions Otunga & McGillicutty of The Nexus facing off against Santino & Kozlov. I look forward to seeing the Nexus guys working as a unit more, and I'm really hoping that Hawkins/Ryder are involved somehow.

I'm also hoping we'll see more from Tyson Kidd and his new manager, Mr. Armando Estrada. Half of me thinks they'll see success again, the other half wonders if Kidd will lose this week and Estrada will abandon him ala Michael Hayes. I just hope that Kidd has a match, he's been on fire in the ring.

Again, for those who don't know, the show is available on WWE.com at around 5 p.m. Eastern time, I think.

Discuss your thoughts on the show here, and please do not include spoilers without tags.
Just watched, a great show again this week! I'm missing having it on TV, and the people that wrestle on the show definitely deserve face time.

My thoughts on the results:

--Tyson Kidd defeats Trent Baretta: These guys deserve a big program on Smackdown...IMO, their matches have been the second best in the WWE (second to Chrstian/Orton) lately as far as technical skill. It's depressing that not many fans are seeing these. I have a ton of respect for both of these guys. Kidd has a future so bright that I'm putting my shades on now.

New manager for him this week, again, lol! This time it was Matt Striker. I like this choice a lot as well, he was such a good manager for Big Daddy V a few years ago. He played the role of a kind of "agent," handing out cards to Booker T and the other announcer, talking on his cell phone ringside (and pausing to tell Kidd "you're close to the ropes!"), etc. After Kidd got a really quick roll-up counter victory, Striker cut a really good promo. Talked about how Kidd doesn't need any advisers because he was trained at the Dungeon and is already better than Bret Hart. Told Kidd that he needed an agent, and called himself a "Super Agent" and the "Smartest Man in the WWE." He told Kidd he'd be all over WWE.com this week, that he'd get him onto PPV, and that he wouldn't be wrestling the likes of Yoshi Tatsu anymore. Kidd looked really happy and they shook hands. Part of me thinks that this one will be the long-term choice, and I'd be really happy for Striker if it was. But at the rate they've been going, who knows! lol. Just get Kidd onto Smackdown. He's in my Top 5 in the WWE right now, for sure.

--The Corre (Gabriel/Slater) defeated The Usos: The Usos were acting kind of facey, doing a little bit of dancing in the ring (one of the announcers referenced Rikishi). If a face turn is what they need to move on, that's just fine with me. These guys brought maybe the best wrestling of the night (maybe just because Kidd's match was quicker than usual, I don't know). They were entertaining, high-flying, and technically doing well with moves such as the Northern-Lights Suplex and the Samoan Drop. The Usos were way too green when they started, but they've grown by leaps and bounds. The Corre ended up getting the win, but man this match made me hopeful for the tag team environment in the WWE.

--Gail Kim defeated Melina: Ehh...not a great match, not a bad match. Nice counter into "eat da feet" for the win by Gail. Seriously. Give her the Divas Title.

--The Nexus (Otunga/McGillicutty) defeated Santino/Kozlov: A solid match, good to see so much tag team wrestling. Otunga has improved, but his finishing spinebuster is still sloppy. Give the guy a new finisher. The announcers placed emphasis on his Harvard Law Degree, which (if he stays in the WWE for a good while) is good for his character development. More than just extra muscle.

I think that BR/Millz will be happy to hear that Booker T talked about the winners of a match getting a considerably higher amount of money...details like that being emphasized are always cool in wrestling.
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