Supernatural powers.

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    Here I have three real stories my grandfather told me. Judge yourself.

    My grandfather was serving in the Russian army. At the time, he was already married with my grandmother. They lived in a village. One day during my grandfather's serving, when he was sent to a far away place, he start writing to my grandmother. He wrote that he fell that something bad happens to her, and he is worried. When he came back to the village few days later, he have found that the same day he wrote that latter, my grandmother had a surgery. They were very far from each other, and telephones weren't in use at the time (at least not where they were). He didn't know what happened to her when he was doing the military mission. Now tell me, readers, is there any explanation for that?

    Another story I have. In those times in the Russian army, they all had their own personal spoons. One day, the uncle of my grandfather gave my grandfather his spoon. After few months, the uncle of my grandfather went to a war. He used to write letters to the family. One day, the spoon, that was held in a safe place, was found with a small fissure on it. The fissure wasn't on the stick of the spoon, it was on the left side of the edge of it. Fissures are never found that way, and no one could do it to the spoon. After few days, we have gotten a letter from the army, that said that the uncle of my grandfather died in the war. It was written that it, appearantly, happened about just few houers before we have found the spoon broken. My grandfather was using it everyday, carefuly, and always watched for it, as they didn't have much property at the times. When he left it in the drawer, it wasn't damaged. So, it seems that a person's life, or death in this case, can change supernaturally the shape of a spoon, or other objects which belong to him. I saw the spoon my own eyes, by the way. Can you explain that?

    Hear another story my grandfather told me. He tells, he used to sleep very hard when he was young, nothing could wake him up. He slept in an army's tent with about other 40 men. He tells, they could scream, make very strong noices, and it doesn't effect his sleeping. But when someone who is not one of the 40 men came into the tent, he always woke up. What do you have to say about this one, hah?

    Well, it seems obvious that humanity doesn't know everything. Tell your stories if you have some.

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    I want the super power of being able to un-mold things.
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    Not supernatural per say; they just had a strong connection with each other. But really the explanation is dependant on the person reading the above.

    For example, i can say on two separate occasions i've woken up knowing someone had died; the first was my Nan and the second, oddly enough, was Jade Goody o_O, and i can't explain either of them (especially the Jade one..) but people can brush it off as coincidence.

    He's used to 40 men trying to wake him up so his body won't react to it. I have two ferrets in my room and sometimes they make a lot of noise, but it doesn't always wake me up.
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    Cool beans dude love the post about powers.

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