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Supermoon tonight!


Registered Member
Yeah we have had some supermoons already but this is the hugest supermoon we will have this year! If you dont have a lot of clouds then definitely grab a scope and camera and check this out. We had thunderstorms yesterday so dunno if we will get to see it but if you cant see it then there are links to online live feeds in the article.
Hugest supermoon for 2014


Free Spirit
Staff member
I'm going to try to see it but we have a chance of rain today so it might be cloudy. Seems like it always is if there is something to see.


Registered Member
Maybe I will watch it. Oh, how much I wish that raining will be front of my door sometimes. It's really so hot in Greece that I am missing Birmingham's constant rainfalls.


I'm serious
It's a little cloudy here tonight, but it's still a spectacular sight.


Registered Member
There are clouds in front of the moon at the moment here, but you can see that it is really bright. Hopefully the sky will clear a bit before I go to bed.


New Member
Saw a glimpse on my drive home tonight. Looks big and yellow!
Hope everyone gets a chance to see it too.