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Superman vs Batman


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
With the movie coming out soonish, who do you prefer between the two? Superman or Batman?

Personally, I prefer Batman, just because I'm a big fan of the Bruce Wayne character and not so much of Clark Kent. Both superheroes are cool, Superman may take the edge, but it's pretty close.

How about you guys?


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I's a tough question for me as a big comic book fan because I've read a lot of complexities of each character that make them strong outside of the usual traits. I have to go with Batman because of the intelligence/detective angle. But one thing I like about Superman is how he's incredibly true to who he is as Clark Kent and goes with his heart.


Registered Member
Batman was a normal dude with a lot of money, a cool car and some gadgets. Hell, the Chinese kid from Goonies had some of the stuff he did.

Superman was from another planet and had incredible powers. No contest.


The return shall be legenday!
Batman because he worked to get where he is through training and studying he has earned what he has and no one can take that from him. Superman was born with and grew into his abilities and though he is fairly intelligent it would take more to defeat Batman if the two were put on equal strength levels. Batman has more willpower and he know no matter how dark it is how bad the situation he can find a way to win .