Superhero Games(favorite)


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I'd have to say (based on gameplay, not graphics) that my top three superhero games of all time are...

1. Batman Begins (xbox)
The gameplay was new and awesome, combat system wasn't great, but the cool short videos and aspect of stealth made up for it.
2. Spider-man (playstation)
This game was made of badass. The replay value was great, and while combat wasn't awesome, the levels were challenging and fun. Overall, it was a game that lasted a while and surprised you with awesome boss fights.
3. Spider-man 2 (xbox...note:this was the movie franchise, unlike the other spider-man game I mentioned.)
The new controls and ability to be on ground level combined with open environment made this game great, you had countless new moves, and the web-swinging was great. This game took a while to beat, and the boss fights were epic, making it an awesome sequel to the lesser first game.

Thoughts? (Feel free to add games, because there are plenty I haven't played)


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I actually can't think of a single superhero game I ever liked outside of Marvel Ultimate Alliance and even that wasn't spectacular.