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Superbug strain found in UK milk


Free Spirit
Staff member
A new strain of MRSA has been found in British milk, indicating that the superbug is spreading through the livestock population and poses a growing threat to human health.

The new strain, MRSA ST398, has been identified in seven samples of bulk milk from five different farms in England.

The discovery, from tests on 1,500 samples, indicates that antibiotic-resistant organisms are gaining an increasing hold in the dairy industry.

New MRSA superbug strain found in UK milk supply
I think we are relying upon antibiotics too much and its backfiring on us. More diseases are going to become drug resistant until the drugs are not effective at all. Its not just cows, people give other farm animals antibiotics on a regular basis.

They are talking about England here but this goes on in other countries too. I understand why they are doing this. They have to meet demand as cheaply as possible but I don't think we can keep it up. When it does stop there will be less food to go around which will mean higher prices.

What do you think about antibiotic use on farm animals?
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