Superbowl Superstitions


Son of Liberty
All sports have their little quirks that make them fun and interesting. The NFL is definitely not one to shy away from them either. With all Kinds of Superstitions like the "Madden Curse" or the "Madden Simulation" some of these are even statistically accurate!

However heres one I hadnt heard of before thats specific to the Superbowl;

Of the 43 Super Bowls, the team that won the pregame coin toss has won 20 times and lost 23, a .465 winning percentage, and has lost 10 of the last 13. The Arizona Cardinals won the coin toss last year in Tampa, Fla., and, trying to buck history, became the first team to defer. Didn't matter: They lost, too.
So now its a coin toss? I thought that was a little crazy at first then they pointed this stat out;

Whether this should make Saints fans nervous is a matter of debate; because of the small sample size, some statisticians argue that the win-loss record of coin-toss winners is statistically insignificant. But decide for yourself: The NFC has won 12 straight coin flips and is 2-10 in those games.

If the Saints do win the coin toss, would it improve their odds of victory if they score first? Yes and no. Teams that score first are 28-15 but have lost five of the last eight.
Thats pretty significant when the numbers stack that high isnt it? So what do you think? Coin toss irrelevant? Or are Saints Fans gonna be hoping that Brees loses the toss?

some other cool Coin Flip info:

• In 43 games, the coin has come up heads 22 times, tails 21.
• The NFC has won the toss 29 times, the AFC 14.
• As mentioned, the NFC has won 12 straight flips. The odds of that: 1 in 8,192.
• The game's coin traveled into space with the shuttle Atlantis in November.
Source: If Saints win coin toss, Super Bowl could be over before it starts - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I think that stats like this are neat, but not relevant. The NFC winning is more coincidence than anything. How the game is played has more bearing than who gets the ball first.

Of course, I'd like to see the stats for overtime wins in the NFL. I don't think very many Super Bowls have went to overtime.


Son of Liberty
I agree, thats one thing I believe the NFL, its analysts, and its fans have always done good... they put a well thought out statistic to everything :hah:

whether its just a coincidence or not... I'm gonna be crossing my fingers hoping he loses that toss hahaha.