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Wii Super Smash Bros. BRAWL


Registered Member
I dont believe it.

Nintendo announced SSBB yesterday while I was at work. Adding characters we've all asked for, andsome surprise stuff!

Added are:

Zero suit Samus

Pit (Kid Icarus fame)


Meta Knight (Kirby fame)

and finally, a 3rd party character

Solid Snake!!

Nintendo actually has a poll going in Japan right now to see what other 3rd party characters should be added to the fray. Hopefully, that poll will be extended to the Americas so we get a chance to vote!

Sonic/Megaman/RE characters?!?!?!



Registered Member
the new Smash Bros. sounds great! this sounds like another good reason to get the Wii. i to hope that they extend the poles over here to the U.S. so we can vote for it.


Registered Member
i want a wii 5 years ago! i have a list of characters i think they should add

Sonic (or any of the old sonic characters)
Black mage, white mage, or knight
stylux or trace
make ganondorf his own character, and not a friggin clone of captain falcon!
8-bit mario (that would be awesome)
and possibly (but extremly unlikely) the master chief from Halo