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Wii Super Mario RPG


Where is my Queen?
So I just got done downloading Super Mario RPG on my virtual console and can't wait to get off from work and start playing it. I remember when my Dad and I rented it from Blockbuster when I was a little kid, and I played it for only about 2 hours because my Dad said that this game sucked and wanted to rent another one. Those 2 hours of gameplay burned an image in my mind since up until now, it told a good story, and it was very colorful, and the soundtrack for that time was awesome. Tonight I will finally play a game that has been calling me for over 17 years, can't wait.

What are your thoughts about this game?
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I actually have the game myself on VC I enjoyed it a lot.

One of my buddies that likes it a lot says that it's much better on the SNES for the controls, I have never actually played it with the original controls before, but I'd be open to getting it if I can find a good deal.

I've been slowly but surely growing my games collection over the past few months, definitely having some fun with it.