Nintendo 64 Super Mario 64 Inhumane 14:27 Run


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This is a run from start to finish on Mario 64 that takes advantages of clipping glitches to speed through the entire game.

Now before you bash it, watch it. It was a programmed run done clip by clip using an emulator in slow-mo but even so, it DOES show what would technically be possible with an immense amount of focus and determination.

YouTube - Super Mario 64 "16 star" TAS by Swordless Link (14:27)

For all practical purposes I think most of the things done in here are impossible for a human to do without slo-mo and a lot of time, which is how this video was made.


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Oh man, that beats the 15:08 I was showing you last night made by the same guy.

I can't believe that all of those glitches are in the game you'd think that Nintendo would have found some of these, I'm pretty sure that they removed any glitches that were in the 64 version for the DS.

It's a good thing that this is tool assisted or somebody would really have no life. (even if they had to get really good in order to make the video)