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Nintendo 64 Super Mario 64 in 5 Minutes!


Well-Known Member
Seriously this guy is insane.

YouTube - Super Mario 64 Cleared in 5 Minutes

I know that a lot of those glitches are real because i have done many of them myself.

This really reminds me of Super Mario 64 in 20 minutes which I thought was impressive.

here's part 1 of that.

YouTube - Mario 64 Time Attack Part 1

We all know that this one is possible.

Any of these guys are insane but 5 minutes is just crazy.


Well-Known Member
I'm pretty sure that the 5 minute guy was using some type of action replay or macros or something, but that 20 minute guy was definitely on par, many of us have done a lot of those glitches ourselves so we know that it's possible and it's a flawless run.


AKA Ass-Bandit
The first one actually admits to being a tool-assisted speed run. If you go to around 1:03, you will see a box in the bottom of the screen saying, "This is a tool-assisted movie. For details, visit blah blah blah".

Tool-assisted movies are runs that use things like emulators in order to be as perfect as possible. I'm guessing the guy used an N64 emulator to take advantage of save states.

As for the second one, as it's a 16-star run, there is a faster time than 20 minutes - the current record is 0:17:31.


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Saw them both, the 5 minute one isn't too wowing, because it's obviously not real (without codes, etc)


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it is a game wich many of us played the first time in like a day because we liked it, but now we can see how easy it is, and that we can make a game that took many years to develop to a level that it is a sport just to speed it, love to see it.