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Movies Super hero movies


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
It seems like lately you cant turn around without hearing about some new marvel / DC super hero movie being made. I am a comic geek at heart even though I havnt picked up a comic since my childhood I still like the concepts behind alot of the characters. However it just seems like its being really over done. I mean when I try to think of how many GOOD super hero films have been made I come up with a small few. Spider-man trilogy (not so much the third but it wasnt a total jip) X2 and Batman Begins. Yeah thats pretty much it, although I do credit some of the older batman and superman films too. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with Ironman but chances are it will probably just be another dissapointment. It just seems like Marvel in particular can't wait to sell off the licenses to every charcter ever commited to paper. Where do you all stand on this? Are there too many super hero movies out there? Or perhaps not enough for you?


Secret Agent
Staff member
Nice post. I definitely agree that superhero movies have become a dime a dozen lately. It's hard to turn on the TV without seeing a preview for a new one coming out. I'm not kidding either. There are at least 2-3 new superhero movies being made or coming out at any given time. Lately Hollywood has been digging a bit deeper into the less known heroes, but even so, from what I've see I haven't seen many that made me want to buy the DVD, let alone see again.

For example, a new one is coming out called "Iron Man". It might be a good comic, (I've never read it), but, the movie just looks like your basic superhero movie plot. Very simple plot, little character development, a load of cheesy lines, and of course action. All of the standard features basically.

Apple - Trailers - Iron Man

Doesn't do much for me at all.

I agree with you on the Spiderman series (I am saving #3 for DVD however due to some of the things I've heard about it), X2 (X1 was decent at best and X3 was just too over the top), and easily Batman Begins. Batman Begins is my favorite superhero movie ever, old and new movies considered. I hope the sequel lives up to the expectations fans have set for it. The bar was raised pretty high with Batman Begins.

I am wondering when the superhero movie madness will stop though.


Registered User
I agree with you all at this topic. I was not impressed at all with Fantastic Four, should have been Floppy Four. Then they went and made the new one for it, I haven't even seen it, but don't have the desire to see it, or at least spend any money on it.

I love the Batman Begins, so did my wife, for a different reason. How was Ghost rider, haven 't seen that one either.

Loved X2. That is the only one really.

I don't see the superhero craz leaving anytime soon, to many of them out there still that don't have any movies on them yet. Isn't there one coming out on Wolverines life?


Well-Known Member
I liked Batman, and Spiderman, but I really am not a huge superman fan, I am not sure why I don't like him, I am pretty sure that they are making a Wolverine Movie. I heard that Ghost Rider was ok but not great, some of my friends told me that it was a retarded movie. I have never seen X-men but I have heard that the second one was good and the first one wasn't. Does anybody know about the Justice League Movie? I heard about this and want to know about it, but I can't find anything on it.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
From what I've heared a wolverine and Justice league movie are in the pipe line. The justice league one will probably be animated though as I cant see Nolans Batman crossing over with Singers superman and getting more new actors would be silly.
I thought Ghost rider was absolutely tradgic..... like laughably bad. The only saving grace I'm gonna give Iron Man is that he's being played by Robert Downey Jr and I usually like him on screen.


Registered User
Thanks for the tip(s) on Ghost Rider. I didn't think that Cage could pull that off, he was good in some of the his movies, like Face Off, and Con Air, but that is about it.


Registered User
You are probably right, I just think that Cage has gone down in his ability to act, of course he could always surprise me with a good movie.


Registered Member
I would prefer X-men.....They had a variety of super extra powers...
I would like to be the Gambit...Throwing Cards with a blast...cool huh!


Heavy Weapons Guy
Batman was the best for sure. Of course, if we will buy it they will make it. That's just how society works. That's why these superhero movies will continue to pop up from time to time.