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'Super-earth' exoplanet could possibly support life


For a Free Scotland
Astronomers say they have found a second planet outside our solar system which is the right distance from its star to potentially support life. But any possible inhabitants would have to have a taste for an environment that felt like a hot steam bath.

European astronomers announced the discovery of a total of 50 planets outside our solar system. Among these was one which lies in the 'Goldilocks zone' - an area which is neither too hot nor too cold for liquid water, an essential for Earth-like life, to be present.
Super-earth exoplanet found that could support life | Science | guardian.co.uk

This is only the second time we have found a planet in the likely 'habitable zone' outside our solar system.


A Darker Knight
wow that's pretty cool. 36 lightyears isn't THAT far either. Still just a dream for humans to visit, but double digit lightyears isn't too bad at all.


Registered Member
Maybe NASA will aim radio signals at the new planet. If there's any intelligent life they could discover the signals and send signals back to us. Awesome!


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
This is always really exciting to hear, I don't know if it's this same specific thread of thinking that led to this story but I remember hearing about this sort of thing a few years ago, I guess that this is more credit to the hypothesis that it's possible! I guess my only concern with all of it is that even though conditions are similar, does that necessarily mean that the process of spawning life of some sort will happen in the same way, or even at all? There are too many x-factors involved, aren't there?