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Super Disaster


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I remember taking a tour of Cowboys Stadium the day after it was announced that the yet to be built stadium would host Super Bowl XLV. It was exciting thinking that I would be in the city that held the biggest event of the year.

Then, the week coming up, we started getting reports that there would be ice and snow in Dallas.

For those of you that have no idea what driving in the south is like when it snows...the entire area shuts down! Those that drive don't know what on earth they're doing...it's insane

So, the weather rolls through--ESPN has to relocate to indoors after putting up an amazing set in Downtown Fort Worth--no one showing up for parties, ice falling from the roof of the stadium

Then NFL commissioner Roger Goodell breathed some life back into DFW by saying, it's not how the week up to the Super Bowl ends up, it's how the game itself is executed.

Then, the game starts, and reports are coming out that it was taking two hours to get through the line just to get in. The national anthem starts...Christina Aguilera completely misses a line...and you can tell that this wasn't going to go off without a hitch.

The game itself seemed seamless. The crowd on hand was almost deafening over the TV. Then, the commercials start...some says that they are the best thing about the Super Bowl. All I can say, through the entire thing, the only commercial I laughed at was Rosanne Barr getting pummeled by a tree trunk. Beyond that, nothing special.

Halftime--Some say the worst halftime show in recent history...and I tend to agree. It was cool seeing Slash and Usher---but, seriously, where did they get the sound guy...and how can you forget to turn Fergie's mic on?

After the game, reports are coming down that 1000s of seats were deemed unusable, and the new scattered images of kids crying because they couldn't get into the game. Who do they blame? Jerry Jones...and probably well deserved.

Overall, it was a disaster for DFW---from the beginning, when Jerry placed the Cowboys in the game and then starting the season at 1-7.

So, from a DFW guy, I do apologize and am ashamed that this happened in my area.
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Haters gonna hate.
To an extent, I agree. While the halftime show blew chunks, I do believe that your analysis of the game and the commercials are wrong. I loved the game and the commercials did a great job in selling their products.

Don't be so down.