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Super Bowl XXXIX


Registered Member
Exactly 24 hours until the "big one."

I want the Eagles to take this one, but I just have a feeling that the Patriots are just gonna be too much to handle. Should be a close one.



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I may watch it. Have not been keeping up on the sports lately. Been playing on my computer too much and surfing the net.


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My prediction, unless the Patriots fail in everyhting they do, the eagles dont have a chance... Pats 30-17


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Eagles 24-17


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Oh the Super Bowl commercials are great. One of the great reasons to watch the Super Bowl is because of the commercials.


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Well, it turned out to be a pretty good game. I was not favoring really any of the teams since I like Green Bay and the Viks. But they both play pretty well. I was hoping that the Eagles might get it back with in a field goal range so it would make it even more exciting to watch. 24- 21, New England. Good game to watch, enjoyed it a lot.


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Yep, it turned out pretty good. Although I think the commercials were better than the game since I didn't really care who won the game.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Good game, didn't really care who won though.