Super Bowl Winner?

Discussion in 'NFL' started by cheezer465, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. cheezer465

    cheezer465 Registered Member

    Any predictions of who will win the super bowl? I think that the San Diego Chargers will win.

  2. Doc

    Doc Trust me, I'm The Doctor. V.I.P.

    Then you must be smoking crack. The Chargers don't look as good as they were last year. It's really hard to inherit a team.

    Honestly? The Patriots, Ravens, and my sleeper pick would be the Steelers.
  3. CaliforniaSteve

    CaliforniaSteve Registered Member

    Hmm.... Seahawks vs. Patroits..... Seahawks finally get a title.

    Im probably wrong, but eh, what the hell.
  4. Doc

    Doc Trust me, I'm The Doctor. V.I.P.

    You can never count out the Seahawks, they have an awesome coach, but I still think the AFC is too strong right now for an NFC team to take the Super Bowl.
  5. Gwiz

    Gwiz Registered Member

    I agree that the Chargers don't nearly look as impressive as they did alst year and they got Norv Turner. That guy loses everywhere he goes, great offensive midn but a horrible choice as head coach. It's really wide open this year and the Patroits are heavy favorites. My pick would be Patroits vs. Saints.
  6. CaliforniaSteve

    CaliforniaSteve Registered Member

    Eh, both have looked shaky thus far. I see the Patriots and Saints making the playoffs, but I don't see them winning the SB.
  7. Gwiz

    Gwiz Registered Member

    I'm still thinking that the Saints will take it and last year wasn't a fluke and the NFC is a weak conference. The Bears do have a chance to go to the Sb but they do need a lot of help in offensive to get through the hump from last year.
  8. Major

    Major 4 legs good 2 legs bad V.I.P.

    The Bears should be better offensively this year as long as they can stay healthy, particularly at RB since there's no depth behind Cedric Benson. Devin Hester and Greg Olsen (1st round draft pick) should help improve the passing game.
  9. God_Of_War

    God_Of_War Registered Member

    The team I would choose to win the Super Bowl would either be the Patriots, or the Chargers.
  10. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    The Falcons might be out of the running this year... ;)

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