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Super Bowl Sunday


Well-Known Member
It's Super Bowl Sunday! I wonder what kind of commercials they will have today. I'm sure it will be funny as usual. I'm sure everyone already saw the Kevin Federline commercial. I thought that was funny.

Party safe and if you must drink, don't drive.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Kevin Federline needs to work at Taco Bell, or wherever that was. That's a good idea for him. :D

I liked the Career Builder commercials a lot this year and of course the Grand Theft Auto Coke spoof was a nice twist too.

As for the actual game... I wanted to Bears to win so it was quite disappointing watching them turnover all game long. The Colts definitely deserved the win though so I can't try to make excuses for the Bears. They just played very poorly overall except for the first few minutes.. :)


Registered Member
At least he was still able to show it to her. To bad is couldn't have been shown on TV. I wonder why they would have pulled it?