Super Bowl LII


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People seem sure Foles will be traded. Unless they offer the moon, I can't see any reason to let him go. He wants to be here. He's shown what he can do. I don't think he is chasing money, like some people. He nearly retired before the Chiefs called him.


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Unless I'm mistaken, Carson Wentz probably won't be ready for the start of next season so we can assume that Nick Foles will be the Eagles starting QB on Kickoff weekend. I would be stunned if the Eagles let him go.


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Tom Brady set another record!! First QB in history to throw for 500+ yards, 3 Touchdowns and 0 Interceptions and still lose the game.

Way to go Tom, you pathetic human. Funny, when Matt Ryan lost after leading 28-3, he shook your hand. Tom ran off the field without congratulating Foles.

Class act.
I get it, but I have zero idea if he purposely snubbed him or not. I mean, he shook hands with Cox and Ertz, so if he was being a baby.... wouldn't he have skipped handshakes completely? Who knows. Haha.

Enjoy the parade.


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PS - Tom Brady walked off without shaking the other QBs hand in EVERY Super Bowl loss. That isn't me being salty. That is Tom being a sore loser.


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One heck of a superbowl! This was 2 weeks ago, but still a hell of a game. Nick Foles with the trick play into the touchdown yikes! So much sweeter because we're all pretty tired of seeing Tom Brady win over and over again lol Fly Eagles Fly!